Body Procedures

Tummy Tuck

After weight loss and return of the abdomen to a more normal volume, some fat may be lost, but the resulting stretch marks and loose skin can remain permanently. At this point, surgical correction is the only way to return the abdomen to its normal aesthetic appearance.

Laser Hair Removal

In regards to unwanted body hair, the Tri-Lase laser system produces reliable and predictable clinical results with minimal risk of adverse reactions to the skin.

Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a strategic combination of body contouring procedures that is specifically designed to help women return to the bodies they enjoyed before having children. The core elements of a Mommy Makeover typically include a combination of breast augmentation/lifting, Tummy Tuck and liposuction.

Fat Transfer

Fat is withdrawn from the patient with a specialized syringe and is then injected into the patient’s recipient site.

Arm Lift

By trimming extra skin and fat between the shoulder and elbow, arm lifts produce smoother skin, slimmer contours, a less fatty or “full” appearance, and a more proportional look to the upper arms.


Fat deposits may be due to genetics, increasing age or hormonal changes rather than a lack of weight control or fitness. Liposuction is most effective in removing these stubborn, localized fat deposits that are not responsive to dieting and exercising alone.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in a youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile. Dr. McGonagle removes fat from selected areas of your body, purifies the fat, the re-injects selected fat cells into your buttocks.

Thigh Lift

Thigh lifts are a type of body contouring surgery that remove loose or hanging skin to reshape the thighs and produce a smoother, more toned appearance.