Face Procedures

Face Lift

To counteract sagging skin, deep creases, fatty deposits and other signs of aging in the face and neck many patients undergo face lifts. Face lifts provide the most dramatic results when performed in regards to age-related indications.

Brow Lift

Texas cosmetic surgeon Dr. McGonagle performs brow lifts to help to rejuvenate the forehead and area between the eyes to compensate for many effects of aging. A brow lift may be performed to smooth out forehead creases and frown lines developed over one’s life.

Reconstructive Nose Surgery

Bring your nose into proportion with the rest of your facial
features, correct a deformity from birth or an accident, or help you breathe better.

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. These procedures will help provide a balance to your facial features; leaving you feeling better about the way you look.

Laser Skin Treatment

When treating benign pigmented lesions and tattoo ink with the Tri-Lase laser system you can expect reliable and predictable clinical results with minimal risk of adverse reactions to the skin.. Among our arsenal of reputable lasers are: Matrix Co2 Fractional Laser, Apex IPL & Erbium Yag Laser, Trilase Qswitched Tattoo Laser, and Cheveux Laser Hair.